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In theory, delivering high value products and services by utilising minimum time, effort, and cost sounds simple enough. But in today’s competitive environment the reality is far more demanding.

As an international operations consultancy, we specialise in strategic inputs, lean solutions, and management assistance. Trust us to solve your operational constraints, improve your performance levels to global standards, and prepare you for the future.

Our Solutions

Lean Consultancy in india
Increase Capacity
Unlock Your Hidden Factory

We help you manifest your hidden factory by tapping the true potential of your factory’s equipment.

The idea Smith
Reduce Changeover Times
More Run, Less Inventory

Rapid changeovers free up your resources, inventory, and time for handling more business.

Lean consultancy in india
Reduce Cycle Times
Make Every Cycle Count

Bring your equipment’s actual speed closer to its maximum theoretical speed and accelerate your throughput times.

Lean consultancy in india
Reduce Down Time
Attack the Largest Source of Lost Time

Tame your machinery and equipment for a tight control over on-standard time.

Lean consultancy in india
Reduce Manufacturing Costs
Spend Less, Make More

You can either manufacture the same number of parts in less time (spend less) or manufacture more parts in the same time (make more).

Lean consultancy in india
Improve Productivity
The Core Imperative

Navigate the shop floor with our practical tips and insights to stay on top of the manufacturing game.

Our company delivers solutions that drive business results every minute!

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News & events

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Who are the leading manufacturers who are adopting lean ? Who are the best Lean Coach for you ? What are the principles of lean management ? What are the benefits of getting lean ? Where can you apply the lean principles in your business ? When should you decide to adopt lean ? When […]

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Letters of Efficiency: From India to Dubai

What happens when the Chairman of Dubai’s leading apparel manufacturing company visits the factory of one of the IdeaSmith clients in India?

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The IdeaSmith Projects: Ashima Dyecot on board with The IdeaSmith

(L-R) Nimish Dave, Founder, The IdeaSmith with Rakesh Shrivastav, VP-Operations, Ashima Dyecot; and Srikant Parikh, CEO, Ashima Dyecot Following a month of pilot runs and designing mini-blueprints for a future enterprise, Ashima Dyecot – an Indian apparel manufacturer, is set for a journey of excellence with The IdeaSmith. “For a line setup by us, The IdeaSmith devised a line plan […]

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What we do

We partner with you in your journey to achieving lean excellence. Lean principles have been enshrined by the famous Toyota Production System (TPS).

The American automobile manufacturers were the first ones to follow suite and emulate the system. However, mere emulation through slashing inventories did not help them recreate the Japanese succes.

We, at IdeaSmith, assure you that low inventory levels are amongst the various other hallmark lean results that are delivered. Our team will help you build a manufacturing system better fit for your employees, customers and products.

We put your enterprise on an organic lean journey and eliminate waste from the systems so that only minimal can healthily sustain your factory’s operations.

Business strategies designed for provision of the highest quality services

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Our accomplishments

15+ Active Customers

Spread across 5 countries, our clients have embarked on their lean journey with the essence of continuous improvement

65% Improvement of Efficiency

Putting together the best of the Industrial Engineering practices, our patrons have registered 65% improvement in their line efficiencies

56% Reduction in Rejections

Through operation wise defect capturing, Six Sigma, operator training, Poka Yoke, Kaizen, and QMS, our clients have reduced their rejection rates by more than half

81% Reduction in Rework

Reducing rework by significant percentages, our clients have revived their manufacturing lines by tapping into their ‘hidden factories’

42% Increase in Productivity

By accurately identifying losses, attacking the top losses, and exerting strict control measures, close to 40% productivity has been recovered by our clients

118% Increase in Profitability

Massive improvements have been manifested by our clients as they have freed their capacities, inventories, manpower, machinery, and equipment

Nimish’s knowledge is extensive and current, and he remains totally focused on our company’s best interests throughout this process. Implementing Nimish’s recommendations has produced remarkable results, and he has helped us develop a comprehensive strategy to maintain and improve going forward. CHANDNI SACHDEV,