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Cellular Manufacturing

Lean consultancy in india
What is Cellular Manufacturing

  • Producing similar products using cells,
  • or groups of team members, workstations, or equipment, to facilitate operations by eliminating setup and unneeded costs between operations.
  • Fewer moves, shorter travel distances, & simpler route structuresbig savings.
  • Focuses responsibility and helps avoid similar defects in the future.
  • Team spirit motivates quality improvements.
  • Transfer of information quick, simple and informal.
  • Higher motivations such as pride in the team . Hence ,superior performance.
  • Fast, reliable deliveries .
What is a Workcell?


A workcell is a work unit larger than an individual machine or workstation but smaller than the usual department. Typically, it has 312 people and 515 workstations in a compact arrangement.

Once processing begins, they move directly from process to process (or sit in miniqueues).

The result is very fast throughput. Communication is easy since every operator is close to the others.

This improves quality and coordination. Proximity and a common mission enhance teamwork.