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Lean consultancy in india
About The Idea Smith

The fundamental goal of any business is to provide the highest value product and services with the least amount of time, effort and cost.

This may sound simple enough in theory. But for most companies in today’s competitive environment the reality is far more demanding.

The Idea Smith is an international operations consultancy, specializing in performance improvement, lean transformation and business turnarounds. We provide strategic inputs, lean solutions and management assistance to solve operational constraints, raise performance levels to global standards and prepare our clients for the future.

Our specialisation lies in optimising operational footprints, streamlining process, elimination wastes, layout new factories, lead transformational programs and put mission critical projects back on track.

We thrive on change and excel in leading teams to discover new ways of thinking and working. We pride ourselves in exceeding the client’s expectations.


Our practical hands on approach to delivery are based upon Learning, Doing and sustaining a culture of Continuous improvement.

Our proven and tested methods (PDCA) simultaneously address people, process and systems to ensure that results are not just discussed but achieved.

The Idea Smith data-driven approach enables clients to achieve leadership in their core business, leverage their core strength to grow into adjacent opportunities, and operate at superior levels of performance to drive industry-leading results.

We roll up our sleeves and work side by side with our clients providing end to end services that span the entire spectrum from diagnostics to results which includes a full scale implementation of a transformation program.

We ensure results are achieved, gains are validated, businesses are scaled up to a new level of operating performance and systems are in place to sustain them.

Lean consultancy in india


Lean consultancy in india
Results are the key and we measure our success strictly by the impact of results that we deliver to our clients.

We commit to and deliver tangible and measurable improvements in Speed, Quality, Delivery and profitability which can be measured by tracking Key performance indicators on the Balance Score card.

We assure our clients of delivering quantifiable and value driven results that bring significant bottom line improvement and help achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Our clients realize, on average 30 - 50% increase on the bottom line within the first year.

Our business is ensuring success and profitability of your business. To find out how The Idea Smith can help your business improve its planning, processes, performance and profits, contact us now!

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