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Our Team

Nimish Dave | Lean consultancy in india
Director of Possibilities

Nimish is obsessed with concept of elimination waste and applying the power of LEAN to transform the effectiveness and efficiency in all business environments leading to higher quality, better customer experiences, faster delivery, lower costs and higher profitability.

During a 25 year career in Business, Engineering and Manufacturing Management, he has established an excellent record as a proven leader and team builder. His talents and motivational skills successfully achieve cooperative efforts. He is a creative and resourceful problem solver, with an outstanding record in implementing LEAN concepts.

He is a regular writer with a large social media following, also he remains remarkably passionate about creating an advisory profession and building better businesses. He is a innovative strategic thinker with the ability to teach people very quickly how to apply ideas in practical ways.

Nimish is fueled by good food, good reads, good music, running, cycling and the love of laughter and sharing.

Last but not the least Nimish is a story teller, entrepreneur and a habitual prankster. He is inclined towards entrepreneurship of mind, soul and startups , not necessarily in that order. He loves connecting the dots, breaking silos, glass ceilings and beliefs.

Lean consultancy in india
Prabhu Thanga
Captain Analytics

Sure, you have big data. What can you do with it? What can it teach you? That’s where Prabhu comes in. He uses analytical tools to bull’s-eye critical insights for The Ideas Smith clients such as .

A South Indian native who graduated from Chennai before making North home, He has previous experience managing analytics for Crew boss , Orient Craft , House of Pearl , IBG India , Aval Fashions and other export giants.

Prabhu is a passionate about technology and its applications in lean processes . Apart from his expertise in Lean consulting Prabhu brings mouth watering Lemon Rice to the table.

Lean consultancy in india
Creative crab

Monika is responsible for making sure The Idea Smith's creative and digital work is not only compelling but strategically sound.

After graduating from NIFT New Delhi , she has had several design internships and an experience as a designer in a fashion export house before joining The Idea Smith.

When she is not designing campaigns , she is streaming Jason Mraz tracks on soundcloud . She brings fresh ideas to the table.

Ramalingam | Lean consultancy in india

Ramalingam Nachimuthu has more than 5 years of experience as Senior IE and very well expertized in implementing IE as well as Lean tools.

He had mastered in Kanban Tools and implemented it in his past industries. He is also well exposed to various geographical locations and good communication skills.

He got his Bachelors Degree in Fashion and Apparel Design from PSG college of Engineering and Technology .

Selva | Lean consultancy in india
Selvamaan S.

After getting hands on experience in implementing lean in various sectors including Automobile, Logistics, and Garments, Selva joined us as a Lean Consultant and implementing lean, Six sigma and TPM tools for our clients in Garment sector.

Selva holds a Masters Degree in Lean Manufacturing and expertized in Lean tools. From the very beginning, he utilizes and proving his skills in lean manufacturing by showing exceptional and outstanding results on our client projects.

With his ubiquitous presence in the shop floor, pin pointing the exact problems and providing modest solutions make him a perfect choice for our lean legion.

Despite his masters degree selva also published a paper on international journal in ICMSC 2014, vol 598 at china titled “Optimization of cutting parameters of CNC milling for aircraft components using Design of Experiments”.

Arvind | Lean consultancy in india
Aravind Raj

Being a lean consultant, Aravind is devoted to focus on increasing productivity whenever and wherever possible as much as he can.

He possess extensive experience in finding origin point of problems, implementing lean concepts and principles in various sectors such as Horn Manufacturers, Mono-block/Pump Manufacturers, Automobile Ancillary Parts Manufacturers Footwear Manufacturers and the list goes on.

He holds a Masters Degree in Lean Manufacturing and expertised in Lean tools like Line Balancing, Sequence Optimization, Single Piece Flow, Layout Optimization, Cycle time Reduction, 5S, Kaizen, SMED, Visual Tools and Value Stream Mapping.

Sakthi | Lean consultancy in india
Sakthivel Govindan

Having 8+ years of experience in the field of garment manufacturing, Sakthi possess skills and depth understanding of lean tools, that can make any organisation surpass its efficiency record to astonishing levels.

He has specifically expertized in implementing Lean & IE concept to maintain, control & improve the factory efficiency. Moreover he possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills that can help him break the geographic barriers to coordinate and excel in efficiency, quality and productivity in any organization.

He is versatile in languages. So far he knows English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and still counting on.

 Suman Sharma | Lean consultancy in india
HR Associates

You are having problem in managing Human Resource? Here, where you need Suman. She carefully study the ground realities and needs of our client. To deliver the solution, she combine these findings with our experience.

It has always helped us to bring unconventional solutions and implement a transformational strategy to achieve organization development in the context of human resource.

She works to enhance the “bottom of the pyramid” in the organization, and thus devotes its efforts to enhance the efficiency. Instead of complex jargon, she uses a free flowing simple and understandable communication and strategy.

Kathir | Lean consultancy in india
Kathiravan T.
Web Administrator

Since kathir stepped in, he has been supporting us in terms of Technology, Design & Marketing for our web presence. Despite holding an Bachelors degree in Electronics & Communication, He is interested in the internet cloud more than anything.

He is also an Oracle certified Database Expert and thereby ensuring the security of our data. He is an avid reader, blogger, and an enterpreneur off the work.